What We Do

Forest Fire is a Multimedia boutique with an emphasis on branding and marketing for independent businesses.

 Whether it is a small run print design, a new logo and brand development or a full scale website build coupled with a multimedia campaign, a client can expect a personalized attention to your business, thorough detail reports of the services provided to you, and honest accountability.

 Bringing together creative resources, media outlets, a target audience and your product is our goal.

 As a multimedia boutique FFMG offers various services on three tiers of involvement for your business at rates you can afford.

Tier 1 Consulting

Tier 2 Collaboration

Tier 3 Origination, Development and Management

 At some point in their growth, all modern businesses that are on the path to success come to the honest conclusion that they are in need of social media, public relations, branding, and/or creative design services, but lack the resources to do these projects in house in an efficient or affordable manner. This epiphany often comes at the hands of your successful competitor, or the realization that you are missing key elements to bring the client base that you need to succeed. We understand that most independent business owners or management lack the fiscal backing to hire a large firm, the sort filled with dozens of rooms full of consultants, market analysts and video game lounges for their staff.

 What makes FFMG different for these services is that we provide them without the levels of expensive overhead that only makes these services available for the largest budgeted corporations or richly vested start ups. Also you will find that with Forest Fire Media it is actually an experienced creative professional working on your project, instead of unseasoned interns that many a large firm has on staff working for free.

 To be honest, we don't have a game room or a yoga parlor at our office, or any of our partners offices.

 What we do have is the not so obvious answers to your problems in reaching your target demographic. And we look forward to meeting with you to discuss your business or organization's personalized needs.

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